Work Anywhere: How Serviced Apartments Enable Remote Work

In today’s interconnected society, the idea and concept of what work is has undergone a significant change. Long gone are the days where work was synonymous with a fixed 9-to-5 schedule and a fixed office location.

The introduction of remote work has untethered many employees from conventional office spaces, offering individuals the freedom to blend life and work harmoniously. For those considering this modern approach to work lifestyle in Singapore, whether as a local or foreigner, serviced apartment rentals emerge as the perfect ally. But how exactly do they enable remote work? Let us dive in and discover the seamless blend of comfort, connectivity, and productivity they offer.

What is remote work, and why are people considering it?

Remote work enables individuals to perform their usual job duties from outside the traditional office environment, utilising technology to remain connected with their projects and colleagues. This shift in work concept is driven by society’s desire to have a more flexible and balanced lifestyle, allowing for reduced commuting stress, the ability to live in more desirable locations, and a better work-life balance.

The allure of remote work has captivated many, from global digital nomads to dynamic professionals in Singapore. It promises an empowered way of living, where one is able to design their respective day to suit their professional and personal needs, blending business and leisure in a more personalised rhythm. In fact, many professionals are considering serviced apartments for ‘bleisure’ stays.

Without further ado, here are three ways serviced apartments enable remote work.

1. Stay connected throughout the day

For remote workers, connectivity is key. The issue with hotel WiFi is that they are often unsecured, limited, and slow, as the entire building shares a single source. Serviced apartments are designed so that tenants remain connected to the digital world seamlessly. Each unit has its own WiFi source, like how a home is. When you choose to stay with ST Residences, high-speed internet access is one of the standard amenities, ensuring that you can conduct digital collaborations, online meetings, and video calls without a lag.

Apart from WiFi, serviced apartments are fully furnished with everything you need for a digital workspace, from comfortable sofas to cosy corners. Unlike hotels, you get ample space, allowing for enhanced productivity. Such infrastructure supports a work-from-anywhere ethos, allowing professionals to thrive in a remote working environment.

2. Enjoy comfort and flexibility

One of the key benefits of remote work is one’s ability to design their own working environment. Unlike the rigid structure of traditional offices, serviced apartments offer significant flexibility to create an environment that suits your mood and work style. Whether it is moving the table to the window side or lounging on the comfortable sofa during your team’s brainstorming sessions, you can do whatever you want to increase your work comfort.

The comfort extends beyond just the physical space. With amenities, such as a fully-equipped kitchen, weekly housekeeping, as well as gym and pool facilities, the mundane aspects of everyday life are well taken care of, allowing you to focus on your well-being and work. This unique blend of convenience and comfort is what makes serviced apartments a critical decision for remote workers.

3. Close to the vibrant CBD yet offers a quiet environment

Location is a pivotal aspect of remote work. While being near the CBD is advantageous for the occasional client meetings or office visits, the constant action of city life can sometimes be overwhelming, especially at the end of a long day. ST Residences’ serviced apartments strike the perfect balance by being close enough to the CBD for convenience yet far enough to offer a tranquil retreat.

For example, our Novena studio for rent offers quick access to the heart of Singapore’s retail and business activities while offering a peaceful home to return to after a day’s worth of meetings. Similarly, opting for our Balestier studio rent places you in a neighbourhood famous for its rich culinary delights and heritage while providing a serene backdrop for your leisure and business activities. Both of these locations are only a 30-minute train ride to the CBD.


The rise in popularity of remote work is definitely more than a trend; it is a shift in lifestyle that has gained incredible momentum all over the world. Serviced apartments are proving to be the game-changer for remote work, offering professionals a harmonious blend of convenience, comfort, and connectivity.

No matter where you may be looking, the promise of serviced apartment rentals is clear: an environment where life and work coexist beautifully, enabling you to work at your best while enjoying the vibrant tapestry of city life.

If that sounds amazing, it is, and ST Residences is here to help you achieve that. Located all over Singapore at strategic locations, we have some of the most flexible and value-for-cost serviced apartment rentals, from studio to 2-bedroom units. Contact us today to get yourself on the launchpad for a fulfilling, dynamic, remote professional journey.

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