Why You Should Rent Apartments Close To Business Districts

In a culture where it is not the typical culture for children to move out of their parent’s home until they are married, it has been a recent and rising trend for Singaporeans to go against the norm and live independently. Many young Singaporeans, especially as many companies are still adopting a hybrid work system, are renting apartments to live independently and have a better work from home environment.

Aside from young Singaporeans, with the ease in covid travel restrictions, business travels are slowly resuming, and more expatriates are expected to make their way to Singapore. The Central Business District (CBD) is a melting pot of locals and foreigners for a variety of reasons – business, work, school, lifestyle, leisure and many more. To better allow an individual or family a smooth transition into independent and convenient living in Singapore, renting an apartment close to the CBD is ideal, and here is why.

1. Time-saving

Most Singaporeans’ offices are found within the business district. If you are not living close to the business district, a typical travel time to and from work would be at least one to two hours. Living close to the business district can cut your travel time to about 30 minutes each day. This means you can have more time to yourself after work. You can be more productive at work while being proactive in seeking a more well-balanced lifestyle.

2. Energy saving

Because you do not need to spend more time travelling to work, this also means you can sleep a little longer. Spending long hours travelling to work can be physically draining, especially during peak hours when traffic jams or huge crowds are expected. Living close to the business district reduces the time spent in such situations, allowing you to have more time to recuperate your energy.

3. Convenience

The business district is located in the central region of Singapore, which means access to the other parts of Singapore is at maximum convenience. Within a bus or train ride, you can easily access commercial establishments, Changi Airport, tourist attractions, and work. You need not miss any necessary occasion just because the location is too far. Staying near the business district also means that you get to spend more time with your family and friends during night outs in the city, as you need not have to deliberately leave earlier so that you avoid missing the last public transport service.

4. Money Saving

While the perception that the cost of apartment rental in the CBD is high is often accurate, it certainly is far from the whole truth. With the current home rental market in Singapore, there is not much of a difference in the cost of renting apartments. There are other places in Singapore that might not be located near the business district but cost as much or even more for rentals. Staying close to the business district saves you time and money on transportation, which can add up to a significant amount, especially if you have to travel far often.


At the end of the day, a home rental is a personal choice. It is, after all, Singapore, and no matter where you are, it is without a doubt as convenient as it can be. Nevertheless, a service apartment rental close to a business district offers a unique living experience.

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