Why Serviced Apartments Could Be The Perfect Holiday Stay

Last week we talked about the benefits of serviced apartments for family holidays. When it comes to holidaying in your dream destination, nothing is more crucial than ensuring a comfortable and convenient holiday accommodation. Arriving at your chosen destination only to be given the key to a boring standard hotel room with limited space can be a let-down.

Hence, we at ST Residences recommend you turn your accommodation search from hotels to serviced apartments. With tons of benefits, serviced apartment rental is the ideal choice, whether you are looking for a luxury holiday or a convenient one.

Read on to learn why ST Residences’ serviced apartments could be the key to a well-deserved ultimate vacation experience.

Ideal for a group of friends, families, or couples

Serviced apartments come in many shapes and sizes, from studio serviced apartments to 3-bedroom serviced apartments, meaning they are suitable for everybody, including couples looking for a romantic and cosy holiday.

No matter how big your party is, serviced apartments provide a home-like set-up that comprises communal and private areas. Booking a multi-roomed serviced apartment allows your family to get together for games and meals, as well as sufficient privacy to have time to yourself too! Rather than staying in separate hotel rooms, serviced apartments offer parents peace of mind knowing their children are enjoying indoor entertainment in the living room while you and your partner enjoy a glass of wine on the private balcony.

Serviced apartments also can accommodate a large of friends too. With a fully-equipped kitchen space, organising drinks and meals for everybody is a breeze. On the other hand, booking a smaller serviced apartment enough for a couple is the ideal accommodation for a romantic holiday.

The beauty of booking with ST Residences is that we offer some of the most convenient serviced apartments in Singapore, with our accommodations located mere minutes away from major amenities, transportation, and attractions.

Amazing availability and value

Surprising to most people, hotel rooms are rarely the most value-for-money accommodation option. Despite offering similar facilities, such as housekeeping, gyms, and swimming pools, combined with the larger space and other in-house facilities, such as BBQ pits, serviced apartments still are almost more affordable all the time.

And it gets better. Long-term serviced apartment bookings offer additional discounts, offering even better value. Hence, the value appeal of short-term and long-term serviced apartment bookings is undeniable.

One of the major competitive edges serviced apartments offer over hotel stays is their distribution and availability. Most clusters of hotels tend to be found near vibrant areas, such as CBD or touristy areas, resulting in a more limited selection of accommodation locations as well as room shortages.

Serviced apartments, on the other hand, can be found across several areas in Singapore, from the bustling CBD to the quieter heartland neighbourhoods, such as Jurong East, Katong, Novena & Balestier, etc…. If you are looking to experience Singapore in its natural glory, then serviced apartments located in the heartland areas offer some of the best local experiences as you “live” among the local residents of Singapore.

Best facilities and features

The other selling point of serviced apartments is their excellent range of facilities and features. With each serviced apartment complex uniquely designed, there is an apartment and associated features that cater to any budget. However, minimally, every apartment you book with ST Residences consists of a fully equipped kitchen, a sizeable living room, and weekly housekeeping, providing you with an element of convenience and luxury.

Often well-decorated and designed, serviced apartments are lovely living spaces where you can simply enjoy the company of your loved ones or friends. The availability of a well-equipped kitchen reduces your expenses of eating out but offers another dynamic option for entertaining visiting guests. With serviced apartments, the security, peace, and privacy will certainly transform your holiday into one that is truly stress-free and memorable.


Convinced about the benefits of holidaying at serviced apartments? Then look no further than ST Residences. ST Residences Novena offers a minimum length of stay of just six nights, while other serviced apartments offer a stay of at least three months.

Nevertheless, we have a wide range of affordable serviced apartments in Singapore that are guaranteed to bring you luxury and convenience. For more information about booking, head over to https://stresidences.com/ or email [email protected] to find your stay!

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