Why Corporate Businesses Should Consider Serviced Apartments

When it comes to international business travel arrangements, many companies prefer to still book B&B and hotels as opposed to serviced apartments in Singapore. While it may be due to the prestige associated with hotels, especially world-renown names, hotels are not a viable option, especially if the business travel arrangement is expected to take place in Singapore for an extended period. Corporate serviced apartments come with not only a ton of benefits and facilities but also at a highly value-for-money price point, even more so during an extended stay.

Without further ado, here are some reasons that we have compiled to convince corporate and businesses as to why they should consider serviced apartments for their foreign corporate partners during their time in Singapore.

Reason #1: Serviced apartments are a cost-effective accommodation solution

Although B&B and hotels are the primary accommodation option, serviced apartments are competitively priced. In addition, with serviced apartments, their standard charged rates are often reduced with a longer period of stay. This is a crucial factor that corporate businesses should note if they are aware that their employees or corporate partners will be working in Singapore for an extended period. Choosing serviced apartments for your international business travel needs means that you are assured of a more economical solution that can last a long time.

Reason #2: Serviced apartments offer superb facilities

While serviced apartments are competitively priced, they are also incredibly affordable. The most common misconception that people have about affordability is that it means that the quality must be sacrificed a little. However, that is far from the truth, at least for serviced apartments. When you go for a service apartment rental with ST Residences, you enjoy well-designed interior attributes, such as living areas, ready-to-go kitchens, and well-finished spaces, all of which are fully furnished with everything you need to live and survive in Singapore. There are also apartment facilities, such as BBQ pits, swimming pool and gym, and plenty of space for social gatherings should you wish to invite your colleagues, friends & family over.

Not only that but services, such as fast internet and weekly housekeeping, are also provided at every of our accommodation. Corporate businesses can be assured that their staff or business partners will be comfortable and satisfied during their time in Singapore.

Reason #3: Serviced apartments are advantageously spacious

Unlike B&B and hotels, whose rooms typically consist of living space with a bed or two, a television, and a separate bathroom space, serviced apartments are identical to any homes in Singapore. ST Residences offers studio serviced apartments as well as 1-bedder, 2-bedder, and even 3-bedder serviced apartments. With such comprehensive options, you are assured privacy in every corner of the unit. Every space in the apartment can now be given a specific purpose. The highlight of staying in a serviced apartment is that you get a home away from home experience, which adds to the comfort of staying in a foreign land.

Reason #4: Serviced apartments are located at desirable prime locations

Location is vital when travelling to a foreign land for business purposes. You do not want your corporate partner or employee getting lost in a foreign country as they try to navigate around. Our serviced apartments are all strategically located in and around convenient locations that offer transport links and public transport systems. ST Residences’ do our best to ensure our serviced apartments are all located within a couple of minutes’ walk from the nearest Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) stations, shopping malls, recreation spots & quality restaurants. Corporate businesses can be assured that their employees or corporate partners can quickly and efficiently remain connected to other parts of Singapore easily. Additionally, to being accessible, many of our serviced apartments are located in the heart of Central Business District (CBD), saving our guests commute time to and from work, striking a work life balance.

Reason #5: Serviced apartments provide flexible and private living experiences

Serviced apartments are a viable option, as opposed to hotels and B&B, due to their favourable guest experience. At ST Residences, we provide our guests with a comfortable space that they can call home regardless of their duration in Singapore. Just like how they are typically back in their country of origin, those staying at our serviced apartments can enjoy the privacy as if they were at home, relaxing after work in a proper living area, cooking in a well-stocked and functional kitchen, as well as doing laundry at their convenience. We also provide flexible leases to accommodate however long you need.


As a corporate business looking for value-for-money accommodations, take advantage of the benefits that service apartments offer. At ST Residences, we ensure high-quality living in convenient prime locations all across Singapore, making relocating to Singapore easy. Do visit us at https://stresidences.com/, email [email protected] or contact us at +65 6291 7050 or +65 9698 5918 to get started on your international business travel accommodation needs!

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