Ultimate Relocating Checklist: Help You Remember What To Do

Now that it is almost certain that you have got a new position opportunity in Singapore, this means that you and your family will be relocating here. Whether you know much about your new home destination, it can be a nerve-wracking experience moving your entire life from your home country to a foreign land.

Thinking ahead certainly will spare you unnecessary relocating-related stress and prepare you for the “new” life ahead. To help you ease the relocating experience, our team at ST Residences has created the ultimate relocating guide as well as a checklist.

1. Tickets and accommodation

Both your and your family’s tickets and accommodation should typically be arranged by your company. However, it is always a great idea to double-check with them in order to avoid any unwanted surprises. ST Residences offers excellent corporate serviced apartments in Singapore because not only are all fundamental amenities provided, but also they are spacious enough for your family to live comfortably (and highly affordable!). We have a good number of apartments located in the Central Business District (CBD). So chances are, they, too, are conveniently located near your future office or workplace.

2. Know your route from the airport to your new home

When you land, it is crucial that you already have a clear idea of the fastest route to your new home. Fortunately, in Singapore, we have some of the most convenient transportation in the world. Taking our subway, or what we call the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), will take you to almost anywhere in Singapore, including our serviced apartments. You will find an adjoining MRT station at Changi Airport, also including buses and taxis. ST Residences offers some of the most convenient serviced apartments in Singapore, with most of them a couple of minutes from various bus stops, MRT stations, and food places.

3. Ensure you have a day or two to settle down

Moving to a new land is a momentous affair, and ensuring that you have a day or two or more to settle down is highly recommended. This gives you time to rest, unpack your belongings, explore and familiarize with your surrounding neighbourhood, and get whatever is necessary to live comfortably in Singapore done. Also, keep yourself updated on all the essential processes that expats need to fulfil to live in Singapore.

4. Pack what you need and store what you do not need

Since you will be moving to Singapore, chances are that you will be moving out of your current place. Unless you will be renting it out as a source of passive income, it is best to bring only what you and your family need to get through the first couple of weeks. The rest could be stored in a storage facility back home or with your family or friends. Here at ST Residences, our apartments are fully-furnished and ready to move in. Staying with us means you do not have to worry about packing most essentials as we provide everything you need, from kitchen amenities to furniture and internet access, saving you and your family the hassle of having to purchase essential white goods, thus speeding up your settling down process.

5. Plan your commute to work

There are many ways you can conveniently travel to work, from walking to taking public transport or even cycling. You do not have to worry about getting a car here in Singapore as they are mostly expensive to own or rent, as well as the long list of car related expenses will add up. Familiarizing yourself with Singapore’s public transportation system will really save you money and most importantly get you around Singapore in a breeze.


Now that you have got everything settled, we hope that you and your family will enjoy your time in Singapore. ST Residences offer significant comfort, security, and flexibility for all our guests. With 24/7 security, weekly housekeeping, and flexible service apartment rental, you and your family can assimilate into Singapore culture easily and comfortably. For more information about our serviced apartments, you may visit us at https://stresidences.com/.

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