Top Things You Can Enjoy Around Jalan Besar & Lavender

If you are staying in ST Residences Balestier or Novena, just a 15 to 25-minute bus ride away is Jalan Besar and Lavender, which are close to one another. They are known for their unique mix of modern buildings and heritage shophouses. If you have ever wondered about the history of Singapore, these shophouses in various styles, such as Victorian and Art Deco, might give you a glimpse into Singapore’s eclectic past.

While Jalan Besar and Lavender are not primarily known to be foodie destinations, they have, over the years, gained much recognition for their numerous cafes and Instagrammable spots. Without further ado, here are some recommendations of things you can enjoy seeing, doing, and eating in and around the area.

Must drink and eat

1. Lucid

Located at 38 Hamilton Road, Lucid is the epitome of a minimalist aesthetic. Founded by Singapore’s first National Brewers’ Cup champion, Andrea Tan, relax and unwind as you enjoy a cup of coffee, one of the menu items they specialise in. Apart from their coffee, they are also known for their Instagrammable food items too! And for those who do not drink coffee, you will be glad to know that they serve tea as well!

2. Druggists

They do not sell drugs or medication. Druggists, located at 119 Tyrwhitt Road, is where you might want to visit, especially if you love a good pint after a long day. The restaurant and bar is located in an old Chinese Druggist Association shophouse, paying homage to its previous use by keeping most of the traditional accent of the space. Druggists specialise in craft beers, from double IPAs and stouts to grapefruit-infused IPAs and fruit sours.

3. Berseh Food Centre

Located on 166 Jalan Besar, Berseh Food Centre is home to many local gems that you might find hard to find in other parts of Singapore, such as herbal turtle soup, Fu Zhou oyster cake, Kelantan Kway Chap, and pig trotter’s jelly.

Must see and do

4. Pertain Road Shophouses

Located along the entire stretch of Pertain Road are Peranakan-styled shophouses that have been preserved and used as residential. While you are not able to enter them, it is still worth your time to walk by and admire their historical significance as well as their traditional Peranakan design and architecture. Who knows? If you are brave enough to knock on their doors, their owners might even let you take a look at their interior.

5. Kallang Riverside Park

Just a short walk from Lavender is Kallang Riverside Park, which is a hidden gem in Singapore. Not only is it often overlooked by other more famous parks, such as East Coast Park, but it also offers an incredible view of the National Stadium and the Merdeka Bridge, which holds significant historical value.

6. The Projector

Another short walk from Lavender is The Projector, once regarded as the largest cinema in Southeast Asia in the 70s. Located at Golden Mile Tower, a building of great historical significance, you can catch exclusive alternative and indie films that typical cinemas do not screen. Additionally, it is the destination in Singapore to catch stand-up comedy shows, too!


Singapore has many hidden gems that even locals do not know. And if you are on the lookout for something a little more unique and out-of-the-norm, then Jalan Besar and Lavender districts and its immediate surrounding areas are filled with such hidden gems.

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