Studio Serviced Apartment: Why It’s Ideal For Student Rental

As a student, having a conducive studying environment away from noise and distraction is the key priority. Unfortunately, it is also in major cities, such as Singapore, that renting a whole apartment might not be the most economical or well-judged option.

Fortunately, at ST Residences, we offer studio serviced apartments. Small as they are, they are cozy homes that are efficiently designed to fit everything you need to live comfortably while at a much more affordable cost. If you are deciding on suitable accommodation for moving out, we offer five crucial reasons why a studio serviced apartment is ideal for rental, especially for students.

1. Your personal sanctuary

When you rent a studio serviced apartment, you essentially have the space to yourself to do whatever you want without having to worry about disturbing your family members, roommates or vice versa. This is especially appreciated when you are having your exam period, preparing for an important project presentation, or attending online classes.

Because you are living in the space alone, you also get to enjoy complete control over how you envision the area, from design to layout. You are able to decorate your space however you want, as long as it is kept in a rent-friendly manner.

2. Extreme affordability

If you have a lease budget to keep to, especially if you are looking at serviced apartments for long-term stay, then renting a studio serviced apartment is without a doubt a more viable option than a 1-bedder. Every serviced apartment rental at ST Residences comes fully equipped with what you need. That way, you do not need to spend extra cost and time looking for living essentials. In addition, university semesters typically run in 15-week intervals, working well with short-term leasing of serviced apartments should you be looking into that.

3. Maintenance and cleaning

Renting a studio serviced apartment means easy cleaning and maintenance of your living space. Besides the weekly housecleaning services that come with renting ST Residences’ serviced apartments, you also do not have to worry about your roommates’ level of personal hygiene or queuing to get your laundry done. Because you have the living space to yourself, you essentially have to manage your own home. If you had a busy school week, the weekly housecleaning services ensure that your home is kept spic and span, and if anything breaks down, our team is quick to solve the issue.

4. No strict house rules

Staying with others means you have to adhere to specific house rules and regulations so as not to step on their toes. This may mean a compromise on visitation hours, curfews, and the number of guests one can invite. These rules may affect one’s preferred social lifestyle and study routine. When you live in a studio apartment, you have the whole apartment to yourself, which means you make your own rules.

5. Encourages good mental and physical health

Unlike shared accommodations, where you might constantly find yourself in an intense environment, renting a studio serviced apartment enables you to set certain physical boundaries, which can bring positive impacts to your mental and physical health. You can be certain, conflict and tension between family members living under the same household, or between room mates will essentially be reduced to none.

ST Residences’ serviced apartments are all strategically and conveniently located to amenities, such as food and beverage options, recreation, shopping malls, and parks. Whether you need a breather from studying or want to enjoy your weekend, you have tons of options for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


If the aforementioned benefits have appealed to you, then consider no further and rent a studio serviced apartment with us. ST Residences have a wide range of studio serviced apartment in Singapore. Of course, if, at the end of the day, you are considering renting a bigger apartment, then we too have 1-bedder to 3-bedder serviced apartment options too. For more information on our serviced apartments, locations and rates, visit us at or email [email protected] to find out more today!

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