Simple Steps To Making Your Serviced Apartment Feel Homely

It can often get lonely, especially if you are living overseas, away from your family, or on your own for an extended period. No matter how well-equipped, well-designed, and convenient serviced apartments are, nothing beats being with loved ones and friends at home.

Nevertheless, that does not mean that you cannot do anything to add a touch of home to your serviced apartment rental so that it does not feel too distant. Here are some simple steps to help you achieve so.

Bring sentimental items, such as photographs

For most individuals, sentimental items, such as photographs or a certain item from home, are powerful sources of comfort and familiarity in new and unfamiliar environments. Keeping photographs of people who matter to us, like your family and friends back home, can help us to soldier through hard, arduous days. Whenever you find yourself feeling a little homesick, all you have to do is look at them and be reminded of the reason you are here in Singapore.

Unpack and store everything

Whether you migrated here and have rented a serviced apartment in Singapore for a long-term stay, or you are here for a couple of months and have made a short-term lease, making sure that you unpack everything you have and store them appropriately helps to make your stay less detached and temporary than it should be. With ST Residences, you are assured ample storage space to store your luggage and belongings easily. With your items in their rightful place, it certainly will help to make the apartment more inviting and cozier. Once you have everything sorted, a comfortable nest with strong Wi-Fi will be welcoming you home.

Invite colleagues or friends over

One of the key benefits to renting a serviced apartment as opposed to a hotel is that you are able to call the place your own, at least during your rental period. With ST Residences, we provide a wide range of furnished corporate serviced apartments in Singapore, from studio serviced apartments to 3 bedrooms apartment rentals. It certainly helps to make life in Singapore a little less lonely when you are able to invite colleagues or friends over for get-togethers and meals, and even better when you are able to host your family and friends who are visiting here for a holiday.

Prepare home-cooked meals

Home-cooked meals are the best way to remind you of home. Instead of always eating out, which can get unhealthy and also result in huge expenditures, why not learn some of your family recipes and cook them whenever you miss home? ST Residences’ serviced apartments come fully equipped with a spacious and functional kitchen for you to cook easily. There is no better reminder of home than the delicious smell of home-cooked meals.


We understand that living overseas, away from family and friends, can be intimidating and lonely. However, with fundamental steps taken, it can be a rewarding and fulfilling time, allowing you to maximise your Singapore experience. Discover the home away from home at our variety of conveniently located serviced apartments that offer everything you need for a comfortable and homely stay. Visit or email your enquiries to [email protected] to discover your stay at Singapore today!

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