Serviced Apartments: Relocating To Singapore Made Easy

Recognised in many international rankings, the country of Singapore is well-known to be among the safest and smartest countries in the world and a leading business hub in Southeast Asia. With plenty of business and academic opportunities available to all, it continually attracts many business-minded individuals, tourists, and students from all over the globe. Moreover, with English being one of its official languages, living and studying is relatively a non-issue.

As such, for those looking to relocate to Singapore for business, studies, or any other reason, one of the first things to consider would be living arrangements. Given how moving to a new country is already stressful in and of itself, handling the details of finding a suitable place, getting the necessary furnishings, and applying for amenities like internet connectivity does not help in the slightest. Instead of going the traditional route, here are some reasons why opting for service apartment rentals instead can instantly get you a home away from home.

1. Everything you need for comfortable living is in place

One of the main difficulties when relocating to Singapore is having to start from scratch. Looking for a suitable home close to one’s place of work, academic institute, or at least public transportation stations is already challenging enough, and having to spend on basic furnishings that will most likely be discarded once it is time to go back home is also a waste of resources.

But by choosing a serviced apartment instead, ex-pats can free themselves of such worries because everything they need to live comfortably is already in place, from furnishings to basic amenities. Air conditioning, a well-equipped kitchen, and weekly housekeeping are also generally included in the terms, which means one can get comfortable with their new home the moment they step inside. It is much better to stay in a serviced apartment than a hotel.

2. Availability of general amenities

There is no denying that work and studies are highly important. Still, it is essential to keep in mind that life does not solely revolve around them either. Rest and relaxation are critical to recuperating the energy needed to take on the challenges of tomorrow, and thankfully in a serviced apartment, doing just that will not require you to go far.

On top of a fully furnished housing arrangement, serviced apartments also come with shared amenities perfect for unwinding and meeting other ex-pats. A few of these amenities typically include swimming pools, outdoor BBQ areas, and gyms for working out. Available for use around the clock, tenants can enjoy themselves within the apartment complex and potentially make new friends in the process.

3. Flexibility and added benefits

Renting a serviced apartment boasts flexible contract terms that work best whether you wish to stay for either a short or long term. Moreover, guests enjoy exclusive benefits made possible through partnerships with other companies, such as discounts on purchases or subscriptions from establishments such as restaurants, co-working spaces, and grocery retailers. Moreover, tight security measures ensure the safety of tenants day in and day out. Living in a serviced apartment provides complete peace of mind with a CCTV surveillance system, 24-hour security detail, and card proximity system in place.


Relocating and starting a new chapter of your life in Singapore does not have to be as stressful as you would expect. By choosing a serviced apartment, you can get all you need to live comfortably and more instantly and without any fuss.

Find your new home away from home with us today at ST Residences. Our short term serviced apartment rentals provide you with everything you need to kickstart your new life in Singapore, all at a competitive rate and flexible terms. Reach out to us to find your ideal apartment at +65 9698 5918 or send us a message via [email protected].

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