Meal Ideas You Can Easily Prepare in Your Serviced Apartment

Moving and relocating to a new country can be a stressful experience as you live apart from families and friends in a foreign land, swaying to wherever life takes you. One of the best ways to maintain some control over your life is the opportunity to prepare your own meals, a taste that reminds you of home, something that hotels are not able to provide. One of the most significant advantages of staying with ST Residences is that we offer fully furnished serviced apartments that come with a spacious, fully equipped kitchen to prepare and cook your meals. In this article, we share three simple and delicious meal ideas that you can comfortably make in any of our serviced apartments.

Breakfast Burritos

What better way to start your day than with a delicious, hearty breakfast? This breakfast burrito is filled with a plethora of healthy ingredients, from scrambled eggs to guacamole and sausages. All you need is approximately 30 minutes to prepare the ingredients and cook them. You can either prepare them from scratch or purchase ready-made salsa and pre-cut frozen vegetables. What makes them such an ideal breakfast meal is that they are highly customised to what you like. So, if you are feeling homesick, you might even want to make a breakfast burrito with your country’s ingredients. If you are vegetarian, simply omit the meat components. Regardless of what type of breakfast burrito you are making, you will need a comfortable amount of kitchen space. With ST Residences’ studio serviced apartments, as well as 1- to 3-bedder units, you will have more than enough space to work on those burritos in.

Healthy one-pot mac and cheese

Mac and cheese is a comfort food enjoyed by many all around the world. Not only is it hearty and flavourful, but it is extremely easy to make. The best part about making the one-pot mac and cheese is like its name suggests, you only need one pot to make it. Similar to breakfast burritos, the versatility of its recipe is endless. You can add whatever protein or ingredients you want to the existing two key ingredients: macaroni and cheese. Even if you are here in Singapore for a short business trip and do not need a long-term serviced apartment, such an easy-to-prepare meal will definitely still enhance your short stay here. After all, a good home cook meal is the best way to cure home sickness.

Baked salmon with Dijon and garlic

Being home to one of the busiest ports in the world certainly has its perks. Singapore has access to some of the freshest ingredients you can find from all over the world. One of which is salmon, and who does not enjoy a nice fresh piece of salmon? All our serviced apartments are conveniently situated near MRT stations, public transportation and shopping malls or estates where you can easily get your groceries from the local supermarkets. All you need for this recipe is fresh salmon, garlic, Dijon, lemon, and parsley. To bake it, you will need an oven, which, fortunately, is included in every of our serviced apartments.


Living abroad is the best time to pick up cooking skills and test new recipes. Serviced apartments are the best place to do so as they are not only conveniently located to malls and public transport but also fully equipped with everything you need in a kitchen. If cooking every day is not your thing, you can easily find dining options minutes away from your accommodation. In addition to our apartments being fully furnished and conveniently located, ST Residences also offer regular housekeeping and 24-hour security to further enhance the comfort of your stay in Singapore.

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