How Serviced Apartments Hit The Mark With Flexibility

In the modern world of changing work and travel practices, there is a rapidly increasing preference for serviced apartments that are comfortable, self-contained, and flexible. The recent pandemic saw a rise in serviced apartment rentals due to their readily available amenities, control over one’s living environment, and privacy.

Since then, serviced apartments have become the preferred choice for individuals and companies who appreciate their many benefits.

Serviced apartments – perfectly placed

Corporate travel and the approach to living and working have evolved over the years, with the increasing acceptance of work-from-anywhere policies, hybrid models, and remote work. As many have realised, serviced apartments align incredibly well with these modern patterns of ‘bleisure’, enabling remote work no matter how far you are from home.

This obvious shift in work culture all over the world should not be understated. The terms’ bleisure’, ‘global nomad’, and ‘work from anywhere’ are all part of our modern vocabulary.

In this new era, the convenience and flexibility that serviced apartments offer is what the modern global workforce is looking for. Society has a new set of requirements that serviced apartments can meet completely, offering private, comfortable spaces that bring home to them yet have amenities and services that keep their work and personal life running smoothly.

A global workforce on the move

The trend of working and living independently across various countries is popular among employees. As a result, many countries offer specially designed visas to meet the needs of ‘work-from-anywhere’ global nomads. In this aspect, serviced apartments, such as ST Residences, have positioned themselves ahead of the competition with flexible leases and short-term rentals. For example, our Novena studio for rent is available with a minimum stay of 6 nights. Guests can also move between neighbourhoods: one month in our Balestier apartment for rent and another month in our CBD apartments.

Meeting the needs of modern travellers

Serviced apartments continue to meet the precise needs of modern travellers who work wherever they travel to, setting up their office and home in one space, and expect where they will be staying temporarily to be ready for life and work as soon as they step through the door.

Increased space, as compared to conventional hotel rooms, is already the primary advantage that serviced apartments have. The availability of laundry facilities and a kitchen in a single space makes for self-sufficiency, while additional services, such as housekeeping, add to their convenient living. Fast internet is also a key requirement for modern travellers who might want to document and share their daily lives or reply to work emails. Serviced apartments offer spaces that are highly adaptable for work and life while maintaining the comfort of a home. Being conveniently located in the city centres, business offices, and public transportation completes the benefits of serviced apartments.

Along with a flexible lease, guests want a living environment that is self-contained, safe, and comfortable, and they expect the amenities the space provides to align with their needs.

Longer stays, costs, and sustainability

Long-term serviced apartment rentals are ideal for modern travellers’ needs. While the instability of the global economy may impact the frequency and length of business travel, the prevailing trend of long-term rentals is here to stay.

This may reflect a strategic adaptation by corporations to minimise their environmental impact while maximising their productivity and efficiency. Many corporations reduce the frequency of corporate travel so as to reduce their carbon footprint.

Longer travels allow them to consolidate multiple engagements and meetings into one single business trip, reducing overall carbon emissions and travelling time while optimising cost efficiencies and travel budgets.

Serviced apartments, such as ST Residences, are able to meet such needs. In fact, longer stay requirements are highly recommended and more affordable than short-term stays.


Serviced apartments – At home, no matter where you are. It is such an apt statement to the ongoing dialogue on modern work and travel practices. Serviced apartments meet the evolved needs of modern ‘bleisure’ travellers, global nomads, and the ‘work-from-anywhere’ communities, offering a flexible solution for extended stays while enabling modern approaches to today’s ways of living and working.

Here at ST Residences, we aim to be the best at what we do. No matter which serviced apartments you decide to live and work in, and no matter how long you are staying for, we strive to bring a taste of home to you the moment you step through our doors. Contact us today to speak to our helpful team about your needs.

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