How Serviced Apartments Foster The Ideal WFH Environment

Given that most, if not all, employees nowadays are working on a remote basis to stop the spread of COVID-19, they often have to set up a home office on their own devices – if they haven’t already, they need to set up their own reliable internet or upgrade the one they currently have, vacate a once-occupied desk so they can plop their laptop on it along with some paperwork, and more.

This new adjustment can be challenging for people who don’t have the luxury of making the calls on how their home should be setup – sure, they can work from the comforts of their own bedroom, but doing work while the bed is within the field of view doesn’t necessarily foster productivity.

As a solution, some people have resorted to renting out a furnished and serviced apartment for the reason that it is fitted with everything that one could possibly need – a dedicated desk space, decked out kitchen, a lavatory, and even a separate bedroom for days when employees might need to work for longer hours.

If you’re a work-from-home employee who needs a better work setup, here are some reasons as to why a serviced apartment is the ideal environment for remote work.


One of the biggest concerns that most companies have for their employees is privacy, especially if the employee is handling sensitive information such as credit card and bank accounts or personal data. If you find yourself constantly having to fight for the space with the people you currently live with or need a more peaceful environment, serviced apartments are all the space that you would need.

During your rental period, the space is entirely yours, and no one else’s – no more needing to take turns with your roommate for the desk, and you get to make the calls as to when music should be played. And because you don’t have anyone else to share the space with, your work is safe from potential privacy breaches and prying eyes.


In most cases, serviced apartments are strategically located within highly-urbanised locations such as Singapore’s Central Business District for maximum convenience of its tenants. Chances are, your work’s physical office is situated probably within CBD, and if you want to work closer to it or in it, if at all possible, you’re in luck because CBD is filled with serviced apartments.

Renting out a furnished unit within CBD is going to be ideal if you have specific days wherein your job requires you to work in the office – in that way, you don’t have to travel great distances because your “home” is only one train ride of a few blocks away. And because you get to travel in a shorter amount of time, you either get to be more productive or be able to save money travelling to-and-fro.

Reliable internet connectivity

While it isn’t a mandate, most serviced apartments are equipped with a reliable internet connection. More often than not, they are usually faster than the one you have at home. If you rent out an apartment that comes with good wifi, choppy Zoom meetings are a thing of the past, and you get to connect with your colleagues more.

A reliable internet also means you get to experience less downtime, making you more productive during work hours and more relaxed as you binge-watch your favourite TV show after.


Serviced apartments are versatile simply because it is “serviced”. Whether you are looking for a long-term or a short-term serviced apartment, ST Residences promises affordable serviced apartments in Singapore.

If you are looking for serviced apartments that you can rent for your work-from-home endeavours, we at ST Residences feature approximately 400 service units, all of which are guaranteed to be not only comfortable and accessible but also affordable.

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