How Serviced Apartments Are Perfect For ‘Bleisure’ Stays

Ever since the pandemic situation died down, the term ‘bleisure’ has gained immense popularity over the years, blending both leisure and business together.

In today’s day and age, the fine line between vacation and work trips is joyfully blurred. And it is not just digital nomads and solo travellers. Many business travellers bring their families along on their business trips, especially when it coincides with their children’s school holidays.

In fact, according to studies conducted by various travel agencies, 76 per cent of business travellers have extended their business trip solely to explore the country. With this trend expected to stay, serviced apartments have emerged as superheroes of this trend.

Without further ado, let us explore how serviced apartment rentals are perfect for ‘bleisure’ stays.

1. Connected places in the best central locations

Imagine that you have just finished a series of meetings that were conducted back-to-back. You are tired, and you just want to find something relaxing to do. How about a relaxing walk through an art gallery or perhaps a quick bus ride to a bar? You no longer need to imagine if you stay in a serviced apartment.

In fact, ST Residences’ choices of serviced apartments are all located where the action is. Whether you decide to stay in the heartland neighbourhoods or right in the middle of the CBD, you are conveniently located near eateries, shopping malls, and the attractions that Singapore has to offer.

With serviced apartments, you can be a successful high-flyer during the day and a cultural explorer during the night without having to commute for long hours. Is not that what ‘bleisure’ means?

2. The homely comfort of your own private space

At the end of the day, nothing beats returning to a place that you can call home. This is where serviced apartments shine, offering the cosiness associated with your home. Right from the moment you step into the apartment, you get a comfortable couch, a fully functional kitchen to prepare easy meal recipes, and a relaxing bed to lie on.

Unlike hotel rooms where it can be small, cramp, and impersonal, serviced apartments offer you a home away from home, a personal sanctuary. And with weekly housekeeping services, you do not have to worry about doing house chores. So, whether you are a business team looking for a collaborative living space or a solo traveller looking for a quiet retreat, serviced apartments offer great opportunities and possibilities.

3. Where the everyday things are taken care of for a cost-effective stay

Have you ever been on a business trip where you have to worry about the little details of everyday life, such as laundry, Wi-Fi connections, or a place to conduct your daily workouts? You do not have to worry about those when you stay in serviced apartments.

The beauty of living in serviced apartments is that they include everything you need for a comfortable stay. Fast internet for your online meetings? Check. A gym to maintain your fitness? Check. Housekeeping and a washing machine? Check again! All these are included in your rental cost, keeping your ‘bleisure’ trip incredibly affordable and cost-effective.


Serviced apartments are perfect for the ultimate ‘bleisure’ experience. Not only do you get the luxury of hotel-like amenities, but you get the space and comfort of residential homes.

If you are a solo ‘bleisure’ traveller, our Novena studio for rent offers the perfect combination of convenience, luxury, and affordability. If you are bringing your family along, then consider our 2-bedroom serviced apartment at Park Colonial. Contact us to find out more about our other apartment options!

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