Fully-Equipped Come & Stay Apartments: Just What You Needed!

Whether you are a frequent traveller, an expat, or a digital nomad, the trouble of having to pack everything up and start afresh in a new environment can often be overwhelming. When the call comes in, you often find yourself having to throw everything aside to move to where you are needed. Hence, why business travellers desire to have a plug-and-play solution, a modular sort of system where they can just move into the accommodation without the need to worry about little things.

Corporate serviced apartments offer comfort, luxury, and convenience if you so happen to be looking for a cosy space for working, playing, and resting. Let us explore the various reasons why many business travellers choose to live in serviced apartments and why you should consider them should you be looking for long-term or short-term lease apartments in Singapore.

What are serviced apartments?

Serviced apartments are an ideal alternate accommodation option to hotels. They are fully furnished and are available for a short-term or long-term stay. Unlike staying in a hotel, the occupants can enjoy cozy studio serviced apartments to multiple rooms serviced apartments, offering varied options of privacy and space.

Living in such a space also comes with several helpful services and amenities that ensure living there becomes much more comfortable and stress-free.

What do serviced apartments offer?

Apart from being fully equipped with everything you need for a home, there are other advantages to living in a serviced apartment.

Most serviced apartments generally offer services such as security and housekeeping, as well as building facilities such as pools and gyms. With everything you need and want in a single location, it is the ideal accommodation for business travellers and even digital nomads as all they need to do is just move in with ease. Everything else is well provided and sorted. Serviced apartments boast convenience in the sense that they are well located near MRT stations and bus stops, shopping malls and other commodities.

Work and rest in a single location

Unlike hotels, most serviced apartments offer the luxury of having their working or eating and sleeping space separately. Having the luxury of segregated space means comfort, productivity, and privacy. Serviced apartments also come with a fully furnished kitchen. This means you get to save money by cooking most of your meals, as well as open opportunities to have friends over.

Every serviced apartment by ST Residences comes well equipped with Wi-Fi. For expats and digital nomads, this means that you can work immediately and efficiently without any hiccups or stress for tech installations. In a way, the serviced apartment provides the proper environment for maximum productivity.

The rental cost of serviced apartments

Cost is always the deciding factor when it comes to choosing suitable accommodation. When it comes to hotels, it can get expensive, especially if you need a long-term solution. The more equipped and fancier the hotel is, the more expensive it gets too.

A serviced apartment, on the other hand, offers much more convenience and comforts than a hotel but at a more affordable cost. On top of that, you get to do more such as doing laundry and cooking in the comfort of your own personal space. Serviced apartments offer better rental value if you factor in the various benefits.


With affordable serviced apartments at prime locations such as Orchard, Novena, Balestier and Tanjong Pagar, etc… business travellers, expats and digital nomads are spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing their temporary home – the ideal work and rest space. All of ST Residences’ serviced apartments offer convenient luxury that is sure to provide any tenant with a stress-free and comfortable stay. If you are interested in what we offer, you may find out more at https://stresidences.com/sg/serviced-apartments/ today!

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