Factors To Note When Looking For Serviced Apartments Rentals

There are many accommodation types in Singapore, from condominiums to serviced apartments to hotels. Since people rent spaces for varying purposes, the rental industry has since developed into a much more diverse space, with both foreigners and locals being able to find accommodations that suit their preferences and needs.

However, when we mention the best accommodation type, serviced apartment rentals are ahead of the competition. With a broad range of facilities and amenities that guests can enjoy during their stay, they are truly valued for money, more so the longer you stay.

What are serviced apartments, and who are they for?

Serviced apartments are fully-furnished living spaces that are available for long-term or short-term tenancy. Similar to hotels, they typically offer a dedicated concierge and also housekeeping services. The key difference that sets them apart from hotels is that they are more homey and affordable. Rather than living in a single room with limited amenities, serviced apartments allows guests to enjoy a much more airy and spacious living space, a home away from home.

Anybody can rent a serviced apartment in Singapore, whether foreigners or locals. In fact, they are the perfect living space for foreigners who will be spending an extended period in Singapore and wants to maximise their stay here. If you are looking for comfort and luxury, then serviced apartments are the place to start your accommodation search.

What should you consider when looking for serviced apartment rentals?

Like every accommodation rental, there are factors to note to make the most out of your stay and avoid any regrets at the end. Here is some consideration you might want to note before making the decision.

1. Amenities and location

Location is key when choosing a place to stay, especially when you are unfamiliar with the country. Whether you prefer a bustling or relaxing environment can help you narrow down the location in which you are looking to rent a serviced apartment at. Additionally, you should also consider the distance between the serviced apartment and essential amenities, such as public transport, supermarkets, and medical clinics, etc…

Fortunately, ST Residences offers some of the most convenient serviced apartments in Singapore, with most of our apartments located minutes away from essential establishments. We are also well scattered throughout Singapore, offering broad selections of living environments, from the bustling CBD to the relaxing heartland districts.

2. Facilities

Adjusting to a new environment can be daunting. Hence, finding a space that reminds you of your home is vital. Serviced apartments are cosier and homier than hotel rooms because of their facilities and ambience. ST Residences offer a broad range of serviced apartments, from studio serviced apartments to 3-bedroom serviced apartments, all of which are fully furnished with everything you need to live comfortably and worry-free. Our apartments all come with essential items, such as beds, air-conditioners, kitchen utensils, weekly housekeeping, internet, and washing machine. Most of our serviced apartment units come with indoor gyms and swimming pools too.

3. Budget

Unless you are on an all-expenses-paid corporate trip, travelling is impossible without budgeting. While ST Residences offers affordable serviced apartments in Singapore, you still have to make sure that you find one that fits within your allocated budget. There are several factors that might contribute to the fitting of your budget plans, such as the serviced apartment’s accessibility. The further it is located from key establishments, the more you might need to spend on taking public transport. Additionally, the lease duration also plays a part in budgeting. Typically, the longer you stay, the better the lease rate. If you are looking for serviced apartments in Singapore for long-term stay, then look no further than ST Residences.

4. Security

Security is crucial for a peace-of-mind. While Singapore is generally a safe country, it still would serve well, knowing that the establishment guarantees 24/7 security. Some of the things to consider are if there are security guards working round-the-clock, the presence of CCTV cameras and where they are located, as well as the management rules regarding non-guests.


There are many serviced apartment options in Singapore. However, given that many choices, it is crucial to determine the one that offers you the best accommodation and service, especially if you will be calling that space home for a longer period of time.

If you are looking for a serviced apartment in Singapore that is complete with nearby amenities and facilities, has friendly services, and has significant affordability, then get in touch with ST Residences at https://stresidences.com/ or contact us at +65 6291 7050 today!

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