Discovering Natural Singapore: 5 Most Beautiful Public Parks

Singapore’s ambition to be a green city of the future knows no bounds. In the city, most commonly known by many as a concrete metropolis, the challenge lies in developing innovative solutions to incorporate greenery.

If you are considering moving to Singapore as an expat, it is the ideal place for new and vast opportunities. That being said, Singapore, being a biophilic city, has tons of amazing pockets of green spaces that will remind you of the natural reserves, hills, and forests of your hometown.

Without further ado, here are five of the most beautiful public parks that showcase Singapore’s ambition to embrace our natural side.

1. Tampines Eco Green

Opened in 2011, this park is located on the Eastern side of Singapore, Tampines. Filled with several natural themes, such as open grasslands, freshwater wetlands, and secondary rainforests, Tampines Eco Green is the perfect combination of various biodiversity. Additionally, everything from shelters to signages is made from recyclable materials, making the park an incredibly sustainable and environmentally friendly one. In addition, even their toilets utilise bacteria and wood shaving to turn human waste into compost.

This ecological space offers visitors a refreshing change of scenery, allowing them the opportunity to come in close proximity to unique wildlife, such as baya weavers and purple herons.

2. Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

How Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park came to be one of the largest urban parks in central Singapore is an interesting process. What used to be a concrete canal has been transformed into a complete 62 hectares of greeneries and waterways. The park serves the surrounding neighbourhood and is designed with several community spaces, such as a dog run area, butterfly habitats, naturalised river, viewing deck, inclusive playground, allotment garden, and adventure playground.

The public park has been such a success that it has been home to unique wildlife, such as spotted wood owls, greater racket-tailed drongos, and smooth-coated otters.

3. Bukit Batok Nature Park

This unique public park was developed on an abandoned quarry site in 1988. Located on the western side of Singapore, the 36-hectare public park offers a unique trail that brings visitors through one of Singapore’s many secondary forests. Along the trail are several fruit trees, such as rambutans, mangoes, breadfruit, and durian.

Bukit Batok Nature Park has a rich history. It was where two significant memorials were located: the Allied Memorial and the Syonan Chureito. These two memorials were built to honour the dead during the Second World War, with the Allied memorial remembering the British and Australians and the Synonan chariot for the Japanese.

4. The Learning Forest

If you had a forest in your backyard back at home, then the learning forest would be the place for you. Located in the Botanic Gardens, the learning forest was designed to combine with a 6-hectare primary rainforest to form a larger forest habitat. The learning forest consists of a wide network of elevated walkways and boardwalks that take visitors through various habitats, from a lowland rainforest to a freshwater forest wetland.

In the park, visitors are able to interact with several species of trees that are regarded as one of the tallest in the SEA region. Visitors can even visit the surrounding Botanic Gardens, which have been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are the only tropical botanic gardens on that list.

5. Fort Canning Park

If we are talking about parks with rich history, then Fort Canning Park is not one to miss. In fact, throughout the park, you can find remnants of the past where Singapore used to be under Colonial rule. Some highlights include the fort gate, which is the only thing left of a fortress that used to overlook the surrounding area, and Battle Box, which is a former underground bunker that was used during the Second World War.

The park also has nine historical gardens that have been curated and restored to celebrate the park’s rich heritage.


Finding a relaxing spot in the city can help to recharge your tired soul. With the added bonus of having the opportunity to bask in a beautiful and lush garden, it certainly can take you right home.

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