Best Local Places & Spots To Catch The Sunrise Or Sunset

A year has 365 days, sometimes 366. And each day, without fail, the sun will rise and set. Yet, more often than not, we just do not take the opportunity to stop, appreciate, and enjoy Mother Nature.

Being at the right place at the right time opens opportunities for you to enjoy that golden hour. While it might be easier said than done, we have compiled a list of some of the best places and lesser-known spots for you to get that insta-worthy shot or just enjoy some alone time with your partner – whether in the early hours or right in the evenings.

1. Seletar Fishing Village

Located along the Lower Seletar Reservoir, near Yishun Dam, is Seletar Fishing Village, the last fishing village in Singapore. At that location, you will get a peek into Singapore’s fishing history. Along the shore are kampong-like huts with wooden boardwalks extending out towards the open waters.

However, more than its historical significance, Seletar fishing village has been known by many as the place to go for a stunning sunset experience. What makes the sunset there so unique is the view of the swamp against the setting sun. Many local photographers recommend heading there during the low tide period around 6:30 pm and staying there for at least an hour.

While it used to be a lesser-known spot, it is now not hard to find as you will spot groups of photographers and individuals hanging by key spots to catch the sunset.

2. Changi Bay Poin

Changi Bay Point is one of the newer sites in Singapore, having completed and opened to the public in January 2022. It offers not only cyclists but also joggers and hikers a scenic coastal route from Changi Beach to East Coast Park and vice versa.

Along the 3.6km long route are plenty of sitting spaces, from benches to pavilions, to rest and enjoy the sea view. Along with lush landscaping, such as lalang, flowers, and casuarina trees, Changi Bay Point becomes an ideal spot for your Instagram. The best time to visit the place is early in the morning as the sun rises.

3. Rower’s Bay Park

Just a short walk from Seletar fishing village is Rower’s Bay Park, another popular spot among photographers for its scenic sunset view. As part of Singapore’s Round Island Route, Rower’s Bay Park is one of the many pit stops along the route, featuring a boardwalk, vending machines, and shelters.

The wetland near the boardwalk is filled with plant species that attract lots of lesser-known local wildlife, from the copper-cheeked frog to the grey heron, making it the ideal opportunity to educate your children. It also makes the ideal backdrop for many wedding photoshoots, especially during sunsets.

4. Ulu Pandan Reservoir

Formerly home to prawn farms until the 60s, Pandam Reservoir is now a popular spot for anglers, cyclists, and joggers to visit. It is also a popular spot for several water sports, such as sport fishing, rowing, and kayaking. One interesting fact about Ulu Pandan Reservoir is that it is the only elevated reservoir in Singapore, making the reservoir water known for being calm.

That tranquillity makes the reservoir a popular spot for photographers during sunset, as the glassy, flat water forms a perfect reflection of the sky and the surrounding HDB apartments. Combined with the possible rowers on the water, you got yourself the perfect sunset shot.

5. Tanjong Rhu Promenade

With the number of green spaces in Singapore, it is possible that a couple of places might be less well-known than others. One such example is the Tanjong Rhu promenade. There, you will get a vast view of the residential estates on one side of the promenade and the CBD and Singapore Flyer on the other, offering a one-of-a-kind view as the sun peeks out from hiding.

To get the best view of the sun rising, we recommend climbing to the top of the four-storey high Tanjong Rhu lookout tower.


You do not need to travel to another country to enjoy picturesque sunrises or sunsets. They are available right at your doorstep, figuratively. Whether you are a photographer or just someone looking to relax and chill, these locations mentioned above offer a great respite from your busy life.

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