Beginner’s Guide to Searching for Corporate Serviced Apartments

For business travelers coming to Singapore for short-term and fixed-term projects, getting a corporate serviced apartment may be a more practical option than staying in a hotel. Similar to traditional hotels, serviced apartments offer guests hotel-like services and facilities, albeit at a lower cost and greater flexibility.

Over the years, serviced apartments have risen in popularity for short-term stays in Singapore due to their convenience and comfort. These accommodation types mostly come fully equipped with a kitchen, washer/dryer, internet access, and spacious living area. They are commonly located in the city centre, near multiple public transportation options which makes travelling between the workplace and home a breeze.

Unlike hotels, corporate serviced apartments are especially cost-effective for longer stays and for corporate employees bringing their family members along with them to Singapore. Corporate employees moving to Singapore can expect to save on additional room service and dining out costs, while also being able to enjoy the priceless experience of getting to live like a local.

How to find a corporate serviced apartment in Singapore?

Get recommendations from friends or colleagues

If you are working in a large or multinational corporation, odds are that there will be other expat colleagues in the company living in their own long-term serviced apartments in Singapore. Approach HR and colleagues that have been living in Singapore for a while and ask them for recommendations on where to stay. They will be able to offer you insights on the areas that are cost-effective and convenient for day-to-day traveling.

Refer to online forums and message boards

An excellent starting point for research prior to moving to Singapore is to look up “expat forums in Singapore”. These online forums for overseas corporate travelers and expats are often great sources of information to finding ideal long-term serviced apartments. Within these online forums, you will be able to find users and moderators that are expats themselves and have already experienced moving to and living in Singapore for a couple of years.

You will be able to receive multiple feedback and accounts from their personal experience living in a particular area or apartment and can narrow down on a suitable serviced apartment to live in. Besides work and accommodation, you can also receive tips from other veteran expats on how you can adapt to different cultures and habits, thus making your transition to Singapore as effective as possible.

Facilities may be one of the options to consider

Overall, there is a variety of serviced apartment options available to expats, which can make it difficult for anyone to settle on one. Each and every corporate traveler has their own needs and wants when it comes to choosing an ideal apartment to live in.

If you are still confused by differing opinions that others might have when recommending a good serviced apartment, you will need a trusted corporate accommodations provider that can consider your requirements and recommend the perfect apartment for you.

Here is how ST Residences can help you.

As a company that is passionate about making short and long-term stays in serviced apartments as easy and straightforward as possible, ST Residences offers a huge variety of accommodation options that are affordable and comfortable for every corporate client.

Our convenient serviced apartments are located in strategic locations across Singapore like:

  • Central Business District
  • Orchard
  • Paya Lebar
  • Jurong East
  • HarborFront

We understand the challenges of having to move to a new place thousands of miles away from home. This is why we ensure we provide our clients with the much-needed comforts of home. We set everything up from the apartment itself to utilities, furniture and housekeeping so our clients can focus on the key aspects of their trip.

To learn more about our services, enquire here today.

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