An Easy Guide To Splitting House Chores With Your Housemates

A clean apartment equals to a happy well-being. Discover how you can achieve a clean and peaceful service apartment while co-living with a housemate and neighbour.

With the increasing rise of rental costs in Singapore, co-living is one way of achieving independence while being able to afford to live away from your family. Whether you will be living with a group of close friends or as a newly engaged coupleserviced apartment rentals can provide tons of benefits, but they can also be complicated, circumventing different preferences and upbringings.

From working around personal spaces to house chores, co-living with housemates requires incredible handling. In order to let you live comfortably, we at ST Residences offer weekly housekeeping to alleviate the “headaches” that come with having to clean the apartment.

With that being said, you might probably still want to do your own part to maintain your own level of cleanliness. And just like any interpersonal relations, patience and compromise are vital to make house chores with your housemates work. Here is a step-by-step to help you avoid unnecessary confrontations when discussing the topic.

Step 1: Have a set of ground rules for your home and stick to them

The first thing you and your housemates need to have is a set of ground rules. It is imperative to establish proper boundaries from the start so that each does not overstep the other. Whether you live with your partner or friends, know that everybody has different upbringings. As such, ground rules help everybody to be on the same page on common activities and chores.

Step 2: List out essential chores

Chores is definitely not a fun topic to discuss with your housemates. However, it is vital in every co-living experience. While we offer weekly housekeeping, conducting daily light cleaning will ensure that your apartment is kept clean throughout the week. Discuss with your housemates the chores that need to be done, from vacuuming the floor to washing the dishes and clearing trash.

Step 3: Allocate the chores

After all of you have listed out the chores that need to be done, you may begin allocating them accordingly. Categorise them according to those that you and your housemates enjoy, hate, and do not mind. If there is a particular chore that you hate, but your housemate does not mind, then let your housemate take charge of it. If you and your housemates prefer vacuuming the floor, then take turns doing it.

Step 4: Create a duty roster

Creating a duty roster will help you and your housemates avoid confusion throughout the week. It will help to display everyone’s respective duties. You could choose to rotate the various chores every month so each of you will not be stuck with the same role throughout the rental period.

Step 5: Splitting the supplies cost

At ST Residences, every serviced apartment, whether long-term or short-term whole unit rental, is fully furnished. Nevertheless, you might still need to get your own supplies, such as dishwashing detergents, cleaning solutions, vacuum cleaners, and trash bags. With that being said, everybody living in the same apartment should split the cost evenly.

Step 6: Be aware of each others’ preferences

Living with housemates means having to learn and adapt to one another’s preferences. Not everybody has the same way of completing their chores. Also, everybody has their own schedules, so do not enforce a time to complete the chores. If the chores have not been completed after some time, remind the housemate-in-charge in a gentle manner to find an alternate solution.


Living with housemates can be stressful at first, especially with everybody’s different backgrounds. Hence, the key to splitting house chores effortlessly is communication. Good communication goes a long way, even for other aspects of co-living.

Nevertheless, whether you are co-living with your partner or friends or looking to live alone, ST Residences has tons of affordable service apartments to choose from. From Balestier executive studio apartments to one or two-bedroom apartments near the CBD, all our serviced apartments are fully furnished and ready for you and your housemates to move in. Contact us today to find out more!

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