Adulting & Why You Should Live Away From Your Family Home

Are you a young adult Singaporean desiring a more independent living experience? Have you ever wondered what true adulting actually feels like? While it used to be that Singaporeans only moved out of their family home when they got married, times have changed. Serviced apartment rentals in Singapore could be the answer you have been looking for.

More and more young adults are not waiting till they get married to move out. Adulting means bearing the tasks and responsibilities that come with being an independent adult. This could mean taking care of your own chores or managing your finances.

With more choices of accommodations out there in the market, renting is no longer limited to just couples, families, and expats. Here are some reasons why young adult Singaporeans are considering living away from their family home.

1. The need for independence and freedom

Many young Singaporeans who have entered the workforce desire independence and freedom. After living with their family for most of their lives, they are looking for the autonomy to take responsibility for their own lives, set their own rules, and make their own decisions.

Moving out means that you are no longer bound by the family rules, allowing you to return to or leave your home whenever you want. You are able to build a life that you have always desired.

2. Personal growth

Living alone forces you to take that conscious big step towards self-discovery and personal growth. This means being fully responsible for every aspect of your life, making hard decisions, choosing priorities, and working hard towards your goals.

One of the most significant life skills you will pick up is managing your own finances. Your rental and living expenses will take up a significant portion of your income, so you will need to learn how to work around and manage your finances. Fortunately, all our serviced apartments come fully furnished and inclusive of weekly housekeeping, Wi-Fi, water, and electricity.

Additionally, you will also have to pick up simple chores to maintain your home’s cleanliness throughout the week. You may also consider learning how to cook, and cut down on home deliveries and dining out every day to minimize overspending.

3. Convenience

If your family home is in the East and you work in the West, it can get tiring travelling from one end of Singapore to the other. Hence, it is understandable that you want to live closer to your workplace to reduce travelling time, leaving you more personal time to pick up new hobbies or relax.

4. Forming new relationships

Some may move out to co-live with friends or with their significant others. Moving out offers you the opportunity and freedom to widen your social circle and discover new and fun things to enjoy with your housemates. You may also have increased chances of pursuing and building up your romantic relationship with your partner.

Through living together, you are able to discover various quirks and interests as well as learn how to live life together, such as splitting house chores and various household expenses.


Moving out of your family home is a highly individual decision. However, it can be influenced by a combination of different factors. Nevertheless, if you are ready to taste adult life and live on your own, there are many fuss-free and safe ways to do so.

One way is to consider renting a serviced apartment with ST Residences. We have some of the most affordable serviced apartments all over Singapore, from Novena studio apartments to 2-bedroom apartments near the CBD. Contact us to find long and short-term whole-unit rentals today!

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