Adult Living: The Advantages Of Renting Serviced Apartments

The rite of passage that transitions a person from being a teenager to becoming a full-fledged adult often involves moving out of their parent’s house. This shift makes them more independent than they currently are and is the gateway that will teach them the ropes of what it takes to be an adult amid Singapore’s get-set-go lifestyle.

Suppose you’re about to move out of your parents’ house to build a life of your own. Don’t go rushing in because this will set you up for failure. In that case, you have to make all the necessary assessments to make sure that you reduce the chances of making mistakes that can be hard to bounce back from – in short, take adulthood one step at a time.

To do so, we have gathered some reasons why a serviced apartment rental can help you take adulthood in increments.

Serviced apartments have everything that you need

When you’re just starting, you likely have little to no furniture with you. Sure, you can get away with renting a bare apartment, but this means you will need to purchase your bed, wardrobe cabinet, dining utensils, kitchen appliances, and others to be able to sustain yourself.

To make sure that you have all of these ready, serviced apartments, come with everything that you would possibly, making them as close to home as possible – you can prep your meals, eat or work at a dedicated desk, sleep comfortably on a bed, and so much more.

Serviced apartments help you spend less

Because serviced apartments allow you to cook your meals, you don’t have to rely on ordering food online and having your meals delivered thrice a day, which isn’t a sustainable practice because it is costly in the long run. Apart from that, serviced apartments already have all the necessities to sustain an independent lifestyle – you no longer need to purchase them for yourself.

If you are planning to have your own furniture, renting a serviced apartment can definitely allow you to have something to use while you are saving up the money to purchase your own TV set, couch, coffee table, and other personal, homey touches.

You can focus on putting bread on the table.

If you live in a bare apartment, the lack of furniture can be an addition to the list of things you have to worry about. But suppose the apartment comes with the necessities. In that case, you can just focus on attending to your responsibilities because you know that you have a comfortable place you can call home at the end of the day.


Adulting is a never-ending learning process. But even so, you have to start somewhere – ideally in a place that lets you approach it slowly and gradually build your own independence. If you’re a new adult searching for furnished apartments, we at ST Residences have over 200 units spread across the island – all of which are located strategically so you can take on adulthood conveniently. From short term to long term apartment rentals and furnished serviced apartments, we offer everything you might be looking for. Call us today at +65 9698 5918 to find out more.

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