A First-Time Rent Guide For Singaporeans Looking To Fly Solo

Many Singaporeans live with their parents for a long time or until they get married, especially with the rising house prices. However, that does not mean that you are not able to live independently should you be considering doing so. In fact, if you are considering flying solo, then for a start, it might be better to rent instead of buying your own place.

While it may seem financially unwise to rent at first glance, seeing that the rental market is exorbitantly insane, the truth is that flying solo has tons of benefits that might outweigh the rental costs.

Moving out and living independently for the first time may be a stressful and overwhelming decision to make, and there are lots of things to look out for when hunting for the right place. Whether you are thinking of renting an entire apartment or just a room, with proper planning and preparation as well as good timing, you can live the solo life you so desire.

To help you ease into your solo living journey, we have compiled a couple of hacks and tips to note before taking the plunge.

1. Your needs dictate your search

First, examine the reasons behind moving out of your family home. For example, do you need more personal space, especially when you are working from home more often? You probably would not want to rent a common room in an HDB apartment as that means having to live with a landlord or other tenants. This is where you can consider renting a studio serviced apartment or a 1-bedroom apartment.

If you are unsure if the place is right for you, ST Residences’ serviced apartments offer short-term rental of at least 3 months, which is a good experience period for you to gauge the suitability of our apartments for your specific needs. For even shorter rental periods, such as a week or a month, then consider ST Residences Novena for even greater flexibility.

2. Have a budget system and stick to it

Having a budget system ensures that you are able to live comfortably on your own using the 50/30/20 method.

  • 50 per cent for essentials, such as rent, groceries, bills, transportation, etc.
  • 30 per cent for your wants, such as your Netflix subscription, eating out, entertainment, shopping, holiday, etc.
  • 20 per cent for savings, such as emergency savings, investments, etc.

However, if you are looking for a more detailed budgeting system, then you will find that the 30/30/30/10 method works better.

  • 30 per cent for home-related spendings, such as rent, home supplies, utilities, and transport
  • 30 per cent for essentials, such as bills, groceries, Wi-Fi, clothes, etc.
  • 30 per cent for financial goals, such as retirement planning, investments, savings, etc.
  • 10 per cent for your wants, such as holidays, Netflix subscription, eating out, etc.

Fortunately, at ST Residences, our rental cost includes essentials such as ultilities, Wi-Fi, weekly housekeeping, a fully furnished serviced apartment and well equipped kitchen, saving you additional budget planning. Additionally, the longer you rent with us, the better the rental price will be.

3. Decide on your preferred location

Singapore might be a small country, but the location of your rental can significantly impact your finances, commuting time to work/town, etc… Some factors to note when choosing your rental location include transport accessibility, surrounding amenities, and proximity to your office. Places near the CBD or city centres, can be costly due to their convenience.

If you are working from home permanently, then you might want to consider heartland areas, such as Jurong or Balestier. Nevertheless, no matter where you are looking, ST Residences have some of the most convenient serviced apartments in Singapore, located all over the island and near major malls and transport networks, such as ST Residences Balestier.

4. Ensure that you are able to view the place physically

Most online images of the rental location may look brightly lighted, clean, and well-furnished. However, in reality, it may differ slightly or sometimes look entirely different. Always ensure that you are able to visit and inspect the place physically. Things to note when you view the apartment are if there are any damages to the structure, does the layout work for you, as well as if you can picture yourself staying there for an extended period.

Viewing the place physically also allows you to check out the dynamics of your neighbours and the surrounding estate.


For many Singaporeans looking to fly solo, the ultimate challenge is convincing their family why they are moving out. Always remember that it is absolutely fine to stick with your boundaries and need for personal space and growth. With careful planning, adequate time to consider and a feasible budget, you get to decide when to take the leap of faith.

At ST Residences, we take pride in offering affordable serviced apartment options, making them highly suitable serviced apartments for long-term stays. Looking to fly solo? Do so with ST Residences today! Find out more about our rental range at https://stresidences.com/.

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