9 Scenarios That Service Apartment Rental Is A Wise Decision

The property market in Singapore is rising, whether you are looking to rent or buy. And no matter if you are looking to stay in a condo or HDB, not so popular or prime location, the price of wanting the entire space to yourself is expected to be high.

For whatever reason, you might not be living alone; whether you have decided to stay with your parents until you are 35 or married or just do not have the financial means to own your own property, you are not alone in this situation.

Fortunately, there is a more cost-effective and affordable solution, which comes in the form of a service apartment. Here are nine scenarios that show that serviced apartment rental is a wise and possible decision.

Scenario #1: You want to spend less time cleaning your house

One of the perks of renting a service apartment with ST Residences is that weekly housekeeping services are provided. This service is ideal for all goal-chasing, overworked individuals who have little time to relax and do not want to waste time cleaning the house. It also works for individuals or families who might not want to hire a helper.

Scenario #2: You want to experience living alone

Most Asians stay with their parents until they get married or when they have to move abroad. For young adults who have experienced living alone or want to experience living alone, serviced apartments offer the opportunity to experience such a lifestyle.

ST Residences offers a flexible rental lease for those who might just want to experience what it feels like living alone or with a couple of like-minded friends. Depending on your requirements and needs, one can rent our service apartment anywhere in Singapore from as short as six days to as long as a couple of years.

Scenario #3: You need some alone time while you focus on a large project

The beauty of renting a serviced apartment and its flexibility is that you can make a short-term rental if you need a space for yourself to get some work completed. This is ideal for singles who are either still living with their family and, because of their company’s work-from-home arrangement, need a space to concentrate.

ST Residences’ serviced apartments are all 100% furnished, meaning you can move in as it is without having to get any furniture or accessories.

Scenario #4: You are renovating your current home

Why not take a “reno-cation” while your current home is unavailable for a specific period? Homeowners who might be plagued with renovation delays will be pleased to find out that you can always contact our customer service for rental extensions should you require them.

ST Residences offers a wide range of serviced apartments, from studio to two bedrooms, depending on how many people are staying.

Scenario #5: You have just sold your property and is looking for a temporary place

Serviced apartments serve as ideal interim options while you are waiting for your new home to be ready or looking for a new home. Unlike typical rental contracts where there is a minimum of maybe a year or so, serviced apartment rentals are available in the short and long term, which is great for those who might be unsure of how long they need to rent.

Scenario #6: You want to rent out your current home

For individuals who own their own space but are considering renting it out, serviced apartments could be a more affordable rental option than renting a condo or HDB. Not only can you earn passive income, but you can also enjoy a hotel-like stay in a space similar to that of a condo or HDB.

Scenario #7: You want to spend less time on commuting

The thought of having to spend a significant part of your day in the morning and evening rush fills many with dread. ST Residences offers conveniently located serviced apartments that are not only close to the city but also a stone’s throw away from public transport.

Currently, we can be found all over Singapore, with our two newer ones being ST Novena and ST Balestier. With a minimum of six-night stays, you can rent our Novena studio, studio twin, premier 1-bedder, and executive 1-bedder. All apartment options come with access to a roof terrace, a swimming pool, and a gym. ST Novena is located about 12 minutes, and six stops away from the CBD by drive and train, respectively.

Scenario #8: You do not want to get tied down by mortgages

Everybody knows how expensive Singapore’s housing prices are. Once you get a house, you are essentially in debt, having to pay for the mortgage. Fortunately, you can use your CPF to pay for the house. However, if you want to save your CPF for your retirement, then renting a serviced apartment is the way to go.

Most of our serviced apartments are incredibly affordable, similar to what you would expect when renting a condo. Did we mention that when you stay at any of ST Residences’ serviced apartments, you also enjoy the same facilities and amenities as a condo and hotel, such as weekly housekeeping, BBQ pits, gym, and swimming pool?

Scenario #9: Your BTO is delayed

Getting your own place is a significant milestone, and no couple can wait to begin their new lives with one another. However, a typical BTO project might take up to 5 years to complete. If you are waiting for the completion of your BTO, serviced apartments are ideal for couples.

Not only are you away from your parents or in-laws, but you also get to know the other’s living habits early. With ST Residences, you can move into our apartment as it is. They are fully furnished and come with running water, electricity, and WiFi. You do not have to spend additional expenses, ensuring you have a fuss-free stay.


Having your own space, enjoying all the amenities and services, the flexible rental, and not having to deal with landlords make ST Residences the perfect provider for all your accommodation needs. So, do not hesitate any further. Contact our service team today to inquire more about our rental options.

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