5 Types Of Travellers & How ST Residences Can Help Them

Travelling is more than just moving from one place to another; it offers a vibrant tapestry of discoveries, memories, and experiences. Each traveller embarks on their journey with unique aspirations and expectations. With that being said, Singapore is one of the hottest playgrounds that caters to every type of traveller.

Recognising this diverse group of individuals, ST Residences offers serviced apartment rentals that cater to a wide range of preferences and needs. From the bustling streets of the CBD to the historical depth of the heartland districts, ST Residences’ offerings, such as a Novena studio for rent, provide more than just a roof over their head – they offer a convenient gateway to personalised adventures in Singapore.

In this article, we will explore the five distinct types of travellers and how ST Residences can enhance their travel experiences.

1. The foodie traveller

A foodie traveller’s journey revolves around culinary discovery, seeking out traditional dishes and new flavours that tell the story of a place through mouthwatering culinary delights. Singapore, a melting pot of different ethnicities and cultures, offers an extensive gastronomic adventure, from fusion creations to local delicacies.

For such travellers, a serviced apartment rental in culturally rich neighbourhoods, such as Balestier, is ideal. Our Balestier studio for rent is located in the street smacked in the middle of hawker centres, Michelin-recognised restaurants, and hipster cafes. If you are looking to recreate some of this food on your own, you will be glad to know that our serviced apartments offer fully equipped kitchens.

2. The snapshot savant

Travelling provides snapshot savants with the endless opportunity to capture cityscapes, landscapes, and moments, telling stories through their trusty smartphones or cameras. From colourful street art and breathtaking cityscapes to stunning architecture and picturesque locales, Singapore’s unique blend of tradition and modernity offers a canvas like no other.

Staying with ST Residences keeps you close to the action. The strategic locations that ST Residences’ serviced apartments offer allow quick and convenient access to hidden gems and iconic landmarks, bringing snapshot savants an artistic and fresh touch to their travel photography, from catching the sunrise and sunset to Singapore’s glowing nightscapes.

3. The thrill seeker

Thrill seekers are adrenaline junkies that are on the lookout for adventures that pump adrenaline and push their limits, whether through outdoor activities or urban explorations. While Singapore is more commonly known as a concrete jungle, it has an unexpected side that caters to the thrill seeker’s soul. From bungee jumping at Sentosa to the exciting night safari, the opportunity is endless.

ST Residences offers comfortable living spaces to rest and recuperate at the end of a long, adventurous day. With a serviced apartment furnished with everything you need, from fast WiFi to a comfortable bed and sofa, thrill seekers can rest, plan, and prepare for their next adventure fuss-free.

4. The culture vulture

With a deep interest in the traditions, arts, and histories of their travel destinations, the culture vulture thrives on immersing themselves in the cultural offerings of Singapore, exploring historical sites, visiting museums, and attending performances. From places like Kampong Glam to Little India, you will find travellers soaking in every bit of vibe, inspiration, and knowledge there.

Many of our serviced apartments are located within close proximity to such culturally rich neighbourhoods or are located within those neighbourhoods, allowing culture vultures easy access to Singapore’s heritage, such as historic architecture and traditional cuisines.

5. The night owl

Night owls, as their name suggests, thrive when others are asleep. They spread their wings, embracing the nocturnal side of Singapore. These travellers enjoy the vibrant nightlife that Singapore offers, from bars and clubs to late-night hawkers that stay open till late hours. Singapore’s night scene is as diverse as its population, allowing night owls the opportunity to dance until dawn and indulge in delicious feasts till the wee hours of the morning.


Travelling is a personal journey that can vary significantly from one individual to another. Recognising that, we ensure that our serviced apartments are meticulously designed to cater to a wide range of travellers in Singapore.

Whether you are a night owl looking for the next exciting night destination or a snapshot savant chasing the next creative angle, ST Residences offers the ideal “headquarters” to experience, indulge, and explore Singapore to your heart’s content. With our diverse offerings, we ensure that every type of traveller can experience a home away from home. Contact us today to book your accommodation!

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