5 Reasons Why It Is Better To Stay In A Corporate Serviced Apartment Than A Hotel

If you are a seasoned business traveller, chances are a serviced apartment is your go-to choice for temporary accommodation. If it’s for a short stay, some prefer to check into a hotel. For those who are intending to stay longer, a corporate serviced apartment may just be the perfect fit. Here are 5 good reasons why you should stay in a corporate serviced apartment in Singapore:

1. Space

It is no secret that corporate serviced apartments are much more spacious than their hotel counterparts. Unlike hotels, serviced apartments have a complete home space instead of just a room. On average, your regular corporate serviced apartment in Singapore is 30% larger than a hotel room – this includes separate rooms for travellers to eat, sleep, and live. A larger living space also allows guests to hold activities like business meetings or inviting friends over for a home-cooked meal.

2. Facilities & Amenities

Most corporate serviced apartments in Singapore come fully furnished and stocked with various facilities for the convenience of guests. Apart from the well-equipped kitchen facilities that most serviced apartments would have, other amenities provided include complimentary TV channels, steam iron and ironing boards, and frequent housekeeping. A majority of corporate serviced apartments would also have free high-speed broadband internet, with some even offering office equipment rentals for printers and scanners.

Besides catering for work, corporate serviced apartments also provide lifestyle facilities like gyms, swimming pools, and barbeque pits for guests to enjoy. 

3. Convenience

Corporate serviced apartments are catered specifically for business travellers, meaning that their travelling convenience has to be the main priority. One main benefit of corporate serviced apartments is that they tend to be located in prime locations near the business districts or public transport facilities for easy navigation. This helps busy travellers cut down on the time it takes for them to travel to work. 

Some corporate serviced apartments also have multiple apartment locations across Singapore, allowing business travellers the luxury to choose a home that suits their lifestyle during their stay here.

4. Privacy

Corporate serviced apartments in Singapore are often located in smaller buildings and private condominiums, which allows for greater privacy and security. Travellers can easily feel a sense of homely belonging without the presence of on-site staff and noisy hotel guests, allowing them to relax within their temporary homes. 

5. More Cost

Long-term wise, a corporate serviced apartment will save you on costs. Unlike hotels, serviced apartments are dynamically priced depending on the length of your stay. A month’s stay in a hotel will still be priced at the same rate per night. However, the price for an extended period at a serviced apartment will generally decrease over time. With multiple amenities provided, staying at a corporate serviced apartment also enables business travellers to save on day-to-day expenses such as food, transport, laundry and housekeeping.

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