5 Must-Have Essentials For Long haul Business Flights

Long-haul flights, particularly for business travellers, can often feel like a test of endurance. Hours spent confined in a plane seat can be draining, both physically and mentally.

That is why your choice of accommodation at your travel destination is such a crucial decision, and also why many travellers are going for serviced apartments. However, apart from serviced apartment rentals, you can make your business travel even more productive and enjoyable with the right essentials and preparation.

Whether you are a seasoned business traveller or embarking on your first long-haul journey, here are five must-have essentials to make your flight to Singapore a smoother experience.

1. Noise-cancelling headphones

One of the most crucial items for a long-haul flight is a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. The constant drone of the aeroplane’s engines and the chatter of fellow passengers can be distracting, especially if you are trying to work or get some rest. Noise-cancelling headphones can enhance your comfort and concentration during your flight significantly.

They can help to block out the ambient noise, allowing you to focus on your tasks or relax without disturbance. Look for one that offers comfort for extended wear apart from excellent sound quality. You can use it not only during the flight but also throughout your stay in our serviced apartments, especially if you will not be staying on your own and need some privacy during your business meetings.

2. Comfortable neck pillow

A comfortable neck pillow is a lifesaver when it comes to resting during long-haul flights. Sitting in an upright position for prolonged periods can lead to neck strains, discomfort, and even pain. A well-supported neck pillow can help you maintain proper alignment, preventing stiffness through adequate cushioning and support for your head and neck.

Opting for a neck pillow that has memory foam and other supportive materials is highly recommended. Additionally, get one that is also lightweight and portable, so you will not find it a hassle to carry it throughout your flight. They are not only useful for your flights but also for your stay in our serviced apartments. While our serviced apartments are completely furnished, why not give yourself added comfort while you relax on our sofas while watching Netflix by using your neck pillow?

3. Hydration essentials

Staying hydrated is vital during long-haul flights as the dry cabin air can cause dehydration, leaving you feeling fatigued. Besides drinking lots of water, consider also bringing along hydrating skincare products, such as moisturisers and lip balms, to keep your skin moisturised and hydrated, combatting the drying effects of the cabin air while keeping you refreshed and comfortable throughout your long-haul flight.

Hydration is also vital in a hot and humid country like Singapore. Instead of having to buy bottles of water whenever you are out and about, make full use of our apartment’s fully-equipped kitchen to top up your bottle before you head out to conduct your business.

4. Portable power bank

In today’s digital age, staying connected is more vital than ever, even when you are in the air. However, power outlets can be scarce on some aeroplanes, and relying solely on the in-flight entertainment system, whether for entertainment or work, may be insufficient. This is where a portable power bank comes in handy.

Do not worry about running out of juice at the end of your long-haul flight. You can charge it up easily once you reach our serviced apartments. The benefit of staying at serviced apartments like ST Residences is that you can move in without having to fuss over utilities, such as electricity and WiFi. Unlike hotels, which have limited electrical plugs, serviced apartments offer the convenience of a home with the amenities of a hotel.

5. Travel documents organiser

Keeping your travel documents organised and easily accessible is essential for stress-free business travel, especially when you need to navigate through multiple airports and checkpoints. A travel document organiser is a convenient solution to keep your passport, boarding passes, itinerary, accommodation details, and other important documents securely.


These five must-have long-haul flight essentials can help you enjoy a more productive, enjoyable, and comfortable business travel experience. Whether you are working on important projects, catching up on rests, or simply enjoying some entertainment, having them on hand will keep you ready for whatever your flight throws at you.

Nevertheless, if you are planning a business trip to Singapore, ST Residences is here to provide a convenient and comfortable stay.

Whether you opt for our Novena studio for rent or our Balestier studio for rent, our serviced apartments are all conveniently located near key amenities and public transport. On top of that, we also offer spacious, fully-furnished living spaces with everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Whether you are here as a business traveller or a digital nomad, we are focused on providing you with the perfect home away from home experience. Contact us today to book your stay with us and enjoy a stress-free business travel experience from start to finish.

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