3 Reasons Serviced Apartments Are Ideal For Engaged Couples

The decision to marry your significant other is a crucial milestone in every relationship, signalling a union and a deeper level of commitment between the two. While most couples would move in together after getting married, there are many who prefer to live together when the relationship gets stable.

In this article, we will explore some of the benefits that engaged couples or couples in a stable relationship can enjoy when they live together.

1. Compatibility testing

Living together as a couple before getting legally married allows you to assess both of your compatibility, work out the kinks and find a compromising point. If you assume that you know one another thoroughly after sleeping over at each other’s place during dating, think again. Living habits only surface when you live together for a prolonged period. That can only be discovered when you live together.

2. Emotional preparation

Getting married involves a deeper level of commitment, unlike just being in a stable relationship. Even the most passionate couple can experience moments of cold feet with the most obvious change, which is living together. Since most engaged couples are already waiting for their BTO, moving in together is a great opportunity to move out from their respective family homes and experience pre-marital living in the interim.

Hence, living together before getting married opens up an avenue for you to get a glimpse into what co-living as a married couple will be like preparing you for the daily ups and downs as well as pushing you to learn how to navigate through life together.

3. Deepen bonds

Co-living offers a nurturing and safe environment for growing both individually and as a couple in terms of emotional intimacy and mutual understanding. More time spent together opens up opportunities for better communication, reliance, and emotional capacity for one another. Of course, that comes with the intentionality to want to grow as a couple.

Through such avenues, both you and your partner can develop more effective communication skills, establish a more solid foundation of teamwork and trust, as well as learn to resolve conflicts better, all of which are vital for a healthy marriage.


Living together allows both of you to experience the reality of being married and living life together. By ensuring you learn most of the things you need to know about your partner, you are able to reduce any potential surprises once you two get married, allowing for a smoother transition from dating to engaged and then to married life. While co-living as a dating or engaged couple is beneficial, it is vital to note that it does not guarantee a healthy marriage or relationship. Both of you have to be intentional to want to build a strong foundation.

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