3 Issues Expats Look Out For When Looking For Accommodations

Moving to a new country, especially when it has a totally different way of life and culture, can often be a daunting experience. With close to 2 million expats currently living in Singapore, the key priority for them, as well as incoming expats, are arguably the need to find the accommodation best suited to their needs. House-hunting comes with its set of challenges, even more so when you might be in Singapore for the first time. Hence, if you are an expat and are considering renting a serviced apartment or any other form of accommodation for the duration of your time in Singapore, here are three key areas expats look out for before making a sound decision on their ideal new home.

Healthy work-life balance

As an expat in Singapore, while work is what you are here for, it is also crucial to ensure that an adequate balance between work and leisure is present to maintain a healthy mental and physical state. After all, Singapore is known to be the second most overworked city in the world, just behind Hong Kong. Ensuring work-life balance allows you also to wind down and enjoy what Singapore has to offer. Renting a serviced apartment in Singapore provides such a benefit as they are often located within proximity to various essential services, amenities and public transportation that efficiently and effortlessly bring you to a variety of restaurants, parks, cafes, and shopping malls. Additionally, with the ongoing pandemic, many businesses are transiting to a more hybrid work system. Renting a serviced apartment offers opportunities to take breaks comfortably while you work or even a change of working environment around the apartment.

Extensive range of services and amenities

With the long hours working culture in Singapore, the last thing you want at the end of your day is to have to worry about mundane things such as cleaning or setting up various home necessities such as internet and furniture. Fortunately, serviced apartments offered by ST Residences provide fully furnished homes along with services commonly found only in hotels, such as weekly housekeeping. You only need to move in and enjoy your best time in Singapore.

Additionally, ST Residences’ range of serviced apartments offers residents complimentary access to facilities such as pools and gyms. Having access to such facilities certainly frees up additional expenses that you would normally incur in country clubs and gym memberships.

Flexibility of length of stay

Expats are only allowed to stay in Singapore for the duration of their work permit. However, the work situation may suddenly change, as we observe during the course of the pandemic. Hence, it is vital for expats to be able to rent accommodations that offer the flexibility of stay. ST Residences offers short-term serviced apartments as well as long-term serviced apartment options.


It can be a challenging time transiting from one’s country to a foreign land, especially in Singapore, where we are a melting pot of culture and language. With our experience in serving foreign guests at our accommodations, we understand it can be a stressful process, thus we always aim to provide the best service, arrangements and solutions to give you one less thing to worry about.

Our range of serviced apartments is not only fuss free, convenient but also comfortable. We guarantee that no matter how long you stay with us, you will be satisfied with your new temporary home in Singapore. For more information on the available units and locations, visit https://stresidences.com/ to find out more. Alternatively, please feel free to contact our team at [email protected] or simply call or drop us a message via  WhatsApp at 9698 5918.

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