3 Elements That Make Serviced Apartments The Ideal Home

If you’re looking for a place where you can stay for a short period, whether it’s for a business trip or a week’s vacation, you might consider hotels as the top choice. But if you are more practical, you would know that they aren’t always the best choice, especially with the presence of furnished and serviced apartments in the rental market.

From the name itself, serviced apartments are units fitted with everything you would possibly need in a home – kitchen appliances, a dining set, a wardrobe closet, a comfortable bed, and so much more. Because they come equipped with the essentials, rental prices can sometimes be higher than bare or unfurnished units but lower than most, if not all, luxury hotels.

But what exactly is it with serviced apartments that make it the ideal rental? And why should you consider them for your short-term accommodation? Read on to learn more.


Unlike hotel accommodations where all rooms are practically the same, serviced apartments are unique, and no two rooms are alike. Structurally, they might be the same, but the elements, such as the choice of sofa, marble top, sink, and others, are different. In fact, some furnished or serviced apartments would incorporate Singapore’s culture into the adornments, such as a fridge magnet of the city skyline or a figurine replica of the Merlion.

The creative liberties that serviced apartments have can be interesting for most people because they tell stories and can help you learn more about life in the surrounding areas. Sure, hotel rooms can do the same, but more often than not, they are repetitive and offer little to no variety.


As mentioned, serviced apartments are equipped with everything you might need to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Yes, the ultimate goal of hotel rooms is to make your stay feel the same way. Still, the amenities are often limited to a mini-fridge and a water heater. This is where the differences start to become more vivid – serviced apartments offer more amenities, making them worth calling your home away from home.

Because establishments that house serviced apartments exude a more residential vibe, you can very much go down in your pyjamas if you want to or prepare your own meals in the unit you’re renting. You don’t need to limit yourself to just making coffee for breakfast because most serviced apartments have a sizeable refrigerator to put more than a few perishables in it.


Whether you go with a hotel or a serviced apartment, either will have a team of staff who will attend to your needs. But because the latter tends to house people longer than the former, there is more opportunity to build a relationship with the people who run the place when you opt for a serviced apartment. These people include security, reception staff, janitors, and other team members responsible for making your stay more worthwhile.

If you get to establish a connection with these people, you get to have a more personalised service because they get to know you more – they know when you usually leave the apartment, when you return, your cleaning preferences, and so on. Ultimately, more personalised service will make your stay more exceptional because more of your needs are met.


Right after a long tiring day of client meetings, conferences, or a tour around Singapore, you would want to come home to a place that can help you feel relaxed. And because of the nature of serviced apartments and the amenities, renting one will be the best thing that you can do for your business trip or vacation.

We at ST Residences feature more than 400 serviced apartment units, all of which are strategically located across Singapore, including the Central Business District (CBD). Get in touch with us today at +65 9698 5918 to learn more about how we can help you find suitable short-term serviced apartment.

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