Why Serviced Apartments Make Good Conference Accommodations

Going overseas for a conference is more than just a change of environment; it is a dynamic and demanding experience that requires a fine balance of personal fulfilment, networking, and work.

In today’s day and age, where professional and business development opportunities are not limited to our national borders, the importance of choosing accommodations for such events cannot be underestimated. Particularly when it pertains to attending an overseas conference, the choice of short-term accommodation can significantly impact one’s experience and outcome.

Serviced apartment rentals have been gaining popularity for bleisure stays – business and leisure, combining the amenities that hotels offer with the comforts and spaces that home has. In this article, we will explore why serviced apartments make good conference accommodations.

1. Comfort and productivity

Comfort is a paramount concern for any traveller, regardless of business or leisure. However, it is of greater concern, especially for conference attendees who often have a whirlwind of hectic schedules. Hence, a space that allows for greater relaxation at the end of the day is required.

For those who are here in Singapore for at least a week of the conference, serviced apartments, with their home-like environment, become a safe space that provides them with a sanctuary where they can transition seamlessly between tranquillity and conference preparation.

Unlike staying in conventional hotel rooms, which can be cramped, serviced apartments, such as our novena studio for rent, offer ample space, allowing you to have separate space for work and winding down. With the fast internet provided, they can conduct virtual meetings or last-minute presentation updates easily.

2. Flexible work environment

Work conferences usually take place up to a week, necessitating a level of comfort and security that hotel rooms may not offer. Serviced apartments offer a familiar and comfortable environment that makes settling into a new environment seamless.

In the fast-paced world of conferences, flexibility is imperative and serviced apartments can cater to such a need effectively. With the space fully furnished with everything you need for work and relaxation, attendees can enjoy the space according to their personal preferences.

This flexibility is particularly beneficial for those who work in dynamic or creative fields, where work is not restricted to a 9-5 schedule, or those who need to review conference materials, hold virtual meetings or collaborate with colleagues.

3. Homemade meals every day

A fully equipped kitchen is a serviced apartment essential that changes the game of attending conferences. It is not only a nod to the comforts of home but also for those who might have dietary restrictions or just want to entertain guests at the end of the day.

ST Residences’ serviced apartments are all conveniently located near major amenities, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, and public transport. This means that shopping for fresh ingredients to cook a meal is going to be easy.

While food in Singapore is readily available and reasonably affordable, you are not going to want to eat out for all three meals every single day. The presence of a fully equipped kitchen means that you can whip up your favourite home dish, lead a healthier lifestyle throughout your stay, and save costs.

4. Networking opportunities

Networking is primary when attending conferences. You are not going to want to end your conference without knowing any new person; They could be your potential client, customer, or even friend. When it comes to networking, location and convenience are imperative.

Conveniently located service apartments offer significant advantages. Imagine either being able to walk from your serviced apartment or taking a short bus ride to your conference venues, popular tourist destinations, or even networking events. Such convenience saves valuable time and makes it easier for conference attendees to meet with one another outside of the conference schedules.

5. Cost-effectiveness for longer stays

Long conferences can take up to a week, and if you decide to extend your stay in Singapore to enjoy what the country has to offer, accommodation costs can add up quickly. Serviced apartments typically offer better rates if you stay for a longer period, as compared to hotel stays.

Furthermore, the savings on Wi-Fi, housekeeping, and meals, which are often included in serviced apartment rentals, can add up significantly, making them the economical choice without having to compromise on the breadth of amenities and quality provided.


Serviced apartments represent a confluence of cost-effectiveness, convenience, and comfort, making them ideal choices for conference accommodations. They offer the opportunity to prepare homemade meals, unique networking opportunities, and a flexible working environment, all while providing a productive and comfortable stay for attendees.

Here at ST Residences, we offer many serviced apartments across Singapore. Whether you choose to stay near the city centre or prefer to stay in the heartland districts where Singaporeans live, ST Residences have got the place for you. Contact us to make an inquiry today!

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