10 Things You Can Do In Singapore Without Breaking The Bank

For many years, according to cost-of-living surveys conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Singapore has kept its position as the world’s most expensive city to live in or visit.

The survey, which was designed to help organisations calculate cost-of-living allowances so as to build better compensation packages for business travellers and expatriates, showed that the global cost-of-living crisis maintains despite inflation moderating. Singapore continues to observe extreme price levels across various categories, such as transport due to strict car number controls, alcohol, groceries, and clothing.

No matter what type of traveller you may be, one common statement that we can agree on is that the best things in life are free. While a lot is true about the cost of living or holidaying in Singapore, that does not mean that there is nothing you can do in Singapore without breaking the bank.

Without further ado, here are 10 things you can do in Singapore that are 100% free.

1. Soak in nature along the Rail Corridor

The 24km long Rail Corridor is one of Singapore’s latest green spaces. Besides serving as a recreational corridor for the public to enjoy, it also serves as a green passage that allows local wildlife to move safely between green spaces along from Kranji to Tanjong Pagar.

For the ultimate day out in nature, you can cycle or walk down the Rail Corridor, soaking in the local fauna and flora. And since it passes through several exciting neighbourhoods in Singapore, you can easily exit the passage to have delicious food in rustic cafés or cool down at a shopping mall.

2. Unleash your inner kid at Coastal PlayGrove

Formerly known as Big Splash water theme park, the location has since been rebuilt and reopened as Coastal PlayGrove. The 4.5-hectare outdoor playground is located at East Coast Park, Singapore’s longest stretch of beach.

What used to be Big Splash Tower has now been reconstructed into the centrepiece of Coastal PlayGrove, also known as the Vertical Challenge. It is Singapore’s tallest outdoor play tower, which stands at 16 metres tall. Kids and adults can scramble up the vertical playground, which is filled with various shaped and coloured disc swings, grip walls, hammocks, and stepping pods inspired by the former Big Splash. You can exit the tower using their 11.9m and 7.3m slides from the top two levels.

Continuing with the former Big Splash theme is also their water play feature. Coastal PlayGrove also offers two wading pools with water jets. If you prefer not to be wet, there is even a nature play garden that is filled with exotic bushes, shady tepees, and log trails that have been carefully chosen to attract all sorts of wildlife, such as bees and butterflies.

3. Stargaze at Seletar rocket tower

Located at the northern end of Singapore, Upper Seletar Reservoir is the ideal location for an evening walk after a long day. The highlight of this location is its rocket tower. It offers not only an aerial view of the reservoir and its surrounding greenery, but it is also ideal should you look to catch astronomical wonders.

4. Marvel at some art at Cuturi Gallery

Cuturi Gallery is housed in a beautiful conservation shophouse located in Kampong Glam, which was said to be the coolest neighbourhood in Singapore. While it may not be as well known as other art galleries, such as the Singapore Art Gallery, it is home to many art that have been created by next-generation artists, both local and international.

5. Go beyond history books at former Ford factory

The former Ford factory was the first auto-assembly factor in Southeast Asia and became known as the exact location where the British surrendered Singapore to the Japanese during World War 2. It has since been designated as a national monument and converted into a museum where visitors can understand and experience the Japanese Occupation through film documentaries and pictorial exhibits.

6. Check out the Johor Strait Lighthouse

Located at the end of Raffle’s Marina’s breakwater is Johor Straight Lighthouse, standing tall at 12 metres and overlooking the Tuas Second Link bridge. It is a popular spot for lifestyle and wedding photography. During the evenings, you can enjoy the majestic and romantic sunset landscape.

7. Drive down a heritage road

There are many ways to enjoy nature without having to brave the weather. One of which is a scenic and relaxing drive down the many heritage roads in Singapore, such as Lim Chu Kang Road, South Buona Vista Road, Mandai Road, Mount Pleasant Road, and Arcadia Road. These roads are lined with old trees that have seen Singapore evolve over the years, carrying much history.

8. Learn about urban agriculture at Edible Garden City

Singapore may be small in terms of size; however, that does not mean we do not have the capacity to grow our own food. Located on the 7th floor of Funan Mall is an 18,000 square feet Food Garden, where you can find over 50 types of vegetables and fruits, such as passionfruit, lemongrass, watermelon, mint, basil, okra, and mushrooms.

9. Soak your feet at Sembawang Hot Spring Park

Sembawang Hot Spring is one of two natural hot springs in Singapore, and the other one is located at Pulau Tekong. It was first discovered in 1909, then acquired by F&N in 1922 and converted into a hot spring from 1942 to 1945. Reopened in 2020, it is now a spot for the public to enjoy a nice foot bath, and if you bring a couple of eggs, some nice onsen eggs.

10. Slide your way down Admiralty Park

Who says parks and playgrounds are for the young ones? Admiralty Park has 26 slides. However, do not confuse them for any regular slides. Because of its unique terrain, Admiralty Park’s slides are uniquely designed and separated into three play areas: Family Terracing Play, Adventure Play, and Junior Play.

There are two slides in particular that take the award for being wild. One of which is Singapore’s tallest and longest slide in a public park, standing at 9m tall and 23m long. The other one is the Curved Roller Slide, a 34m long slide that is designed after a conveyor belt.


Who says having fun in Singapore has to cost a bomb? Singapore is fortunate to have well-planned and well-designed spaces that cater to families and individuals who are looking to enjoy what the city has to offer yet spend minimally.

Nevertheless, if you are moving to Singapore with your family, you will be glad to know that you can live comfortably and affordably without sacrificing fun. Why not take that a step further by considering one of our conveniently located serviced apartments? ST Residences’ serviced apartment rentals are conveniently located near major transportation hubs, making travelling to the abovementioned locations extremely easy. From CBD to novena studio for rent, contact our service team today to inquire more about our available apartments.

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